What We Do

118information contact over 1.75 million UK businesses every year to make sure their details are correct for listings used by BT, 118118, Bing.com and many others.

Wherever a potential buyer may be searching, the information will no doubt have come from us at 118 Information.

There are about 2 million businesses in the UK, and they are constantly changing. Businesses close, businesses open, they move premises, change phone number, open new branches and so on. Keeping on top of this is a major task and to do so we use a variety of methods.

  • UK based call centre
  • Emails and letters to businesses we can't reach by phone
  • Businesses call us to tell us of changes
  • Use this website to help us keep up to date

If we are kept up to date then so is anyone who needs to buy what you sell.

Start with a Call Back

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