Frequently Asked Questions

Q Who looks at the information?

A Thousands of people every day use web directories to search for providers of goods and services. They may search for your specific business or they may search for providers of goods or services in your area.

For instance they may be looking for a B&B in Birmingham or a Florist in Farnham.

Q Why is it important that my listing is up to date?

A If someone is looking for your business having the name, address, phone number and line of business up to date means that they can find you easily and, hopefully, spend money with you. Making sure the information is correct maximises your businesses exposure on the Internet.

Q What happens if I don't provide up to date information?

A There is a chance that the telephone number, address or line of business displayed will be incorrect meaning that potential customers may not be able to find you when searching for your business or a business providing the same goods or services as yours.

Also your listings could be removed as we need to avoid, as much as possible, displaying out of date information.

Q How can I change my listing?

A You can change your listing by calling 0121 355 8600

Q Which directories would my business be listed on?


  • (and via 118118 voice services)
  • BT,, 118500 and, where applicable, The Phone Book
  • Also satnav systems such as BMW

Q How many people use these sites?

A Hundreds of thousands of people use these websites, telephone directory enquiries and phone books every day. Make sure your listing is correct to ensure that your business is seen as much as possible by these people.

Q How quickly will my listing be updated?

A Once we have verified that the changes are correct we update our records. We supply the information to each individual website on either a daily or a monthly basis, they then need to update their live system. This means it can be anything from a few days to 6 weeks before the information on a website is changed.

Q What information do you need?

A We need the following:

  • Name of Business
  • Address
  • Telephone number
  • Line of Business (classification)
  • Website (URL) if you have one
  • Email address (some websites will list an email address to make it easy for people to contact you)
  • Senior Contact Name and Job Title
  • Number of people working at the address given

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